Welcome To Our Home

Our challenge was to develop a brand campaign to re-launch Fiji Airways to the world. We uncovered the powerful insight that when you board a Fiji Airways flight, you instantly feel like you’ve known us for a lifetime. You’re not just a seat number, you’re part of our extended Fijian family.  

Instead of creating a run of the mill brand campaign, we invited the world to become part of our brand story. A nomination film seeded via PR and social media invited the public to submit their stories of deserving family or friends who had never left their hometowns or had never flown overseas. We found 3 families with incredibly resilient spirits and flew them in the comfort of our home, on board Fiji Airways to their home away from home on the islands of Fiji. Their stories became an integral part of the Fiji Airways brand, capturing the attention of news outlets and people’s hearts around the world.  

Home Away From Home: Case Study
This is a case study film focusing on the 'Home Away From Home' branded content component of the larger 'Welcome To Our Home' brand campaign.

Home Away From Home: 30" Pre-Roll
A trailer style pre-roll films on Youtube and Facebook encouraged viewers to view the series in full on a dedicated campaign microsite.

Home Away From Home: The McConnell's Story
The McConnell family run a dairy farm in New Zealand. They milk 850 cows twice a day and due to the rigours of the farm are rarely together outside a work capacity. Their work and home lives had collapsed together and they were desperate to reconnect. We flew them to Fiji where they were able to rediscover their 'home' while staying with a caring Fijian family.

Home Away From Home: Elenoas Story
We flew Elenoa, a woman so dedicated to her family who had never flown before, to meet a dear cousin she had never met in New Zealand.

Home Away From Home: The Monahan's Story
The Monahan family was struck by tragedy when Narelle, the mother and single parent of the six kids, passed away. Her last wish was for the siblings to stay united in the same home, however this was not to be. The kids lived separately across the states of Australia and NZ. We organised for the Monahans to be reunited in Fiji and captured their story.