Expect The Unexpected

Introducing J&B, a whiskey more commonly known to Australia's older generation to a crowd of Bourbon drinking youth isn’t as easy as you think.

We knew that our target market drinkers love randomness and chaos, but all too often they're not bringing this love to their partying. To pioneer past the boring routines of just another night out and to really get the party started, our drinkers need to be reminded that they need to embrace some unexpected randomness and chaos.

Our idea was right under our noses, on label on the bottle. The letters J and B will became the embodiment of the unexpected chaos that ignites and excites better parting. We created an experience for 18-22 year olds where J's and B's collided in three completely unexpected rooms, featuring random performances and mad propping. Old school hip hop, Moulin Rouge,and Waste disposal. With live performances by Hermitude and Twinsy, a DJ set by Sampology and a DJ set by Stafford Brothers.    

More than 1500 guests attended the two activations, touched by the unexpectedness that only J&B Whisky can bring. That's 1500 target consumers trialing J&B. More than 1700 engaged Facebook fans within six weeks of the page launch and a social reach of 63,000+ just on owned social networks.